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Three Eyed Bird is a full-service design and web development studio nestled in the Orlando area. We are a small team passionate about great design, solid code and MODX. Here at the “nest” (aka the office), we work hard to make our clients stand out among the competition. Our process begins by taking the time to understand your needs, your goals, your customers and your business. In doing so, we can create an engaging experience that connects your business with your customers through good design, solid code and a little magic in the mix. In short, we believe in developing a strong and lasting relationship with your business. We want to partner with you, rather than become a one time flashy guru who suddenly disappears in the wind.

The Tale of Three Eyed Bird Design

The tale behind the Three Eyed Bird

We are commonly asked, "Why a three eyed bird?" Remember when we said we’re a touch wacky? Well, we weren’t lying. Case in point, we have a bird with three eyes for our logo. But here’s the reason - our company mascot looks at where your company has been, where you are now, and where you want to go so we can help you get there. He is a family member so no making fun. We don’t take that lightly. (OK, we really do.)

Meet Three Eyed Bird

Thoughtsfrom the nest

Going Ons, Ramblings and Tutorials

Design Refresh for Bridgeman's

Design Refresh for Bridgeman's Intro Photo

Today we are excited to share with you a recent project for Bridgeman’s ice cream.

MODX Revolution 2.6.0 Released

MODX Revolution 2.6.0 Released Intro Photo

There are 117 improvements in this release covering the entire platform. The focus of the 2.6.0 release is to increase stability and improve the user experience in the MODX Manager and boost overall performance.

MODX Revolution 2.5.8 Released

MODX Revolution 2.5.8 Released Intro Photo

This release of MODX Revolution contains over 30 fixes that were founds and fixed as part of the MODX Bug Hunt that was held over the summer.

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