St. Philips Relaunch

Here at the nest we are excited to talk about the launch of our latest redesign project for St. Philips Lutheran Church is Hastings Minnesota. Founded in 1967 on the corner of 15th Street and Pleasant Drive in Hastings, St. Philip's is a Spirit-filled, evangelical congregation rooted in the Lutheran tradition but dedicated to people who know the challenges and joys of life in today's world.

The Mission

St. Philip's Lutheran Church came to Three Eyed Bird looking for a complete redesign of their website. Their last website had been built many years ago and was not meeting the needs of their congregation anymore. They were looking for something that was easy to keep updated with much of the upkeep of the site being thru volunteers on the admin committee. There were also looking for something that had a design that appealed to the wide range of congregation members and community they serve.

The Outcome

Working with their Admin Committee we created a site that fit their needs. By building the site on MODX we were able to give them a website that is easy to keep up-to-date for all skill levels. One of the main things they wanted was the ability to feature church announcements, newsletters and also a downloadable sermon each week. We accomplished this be using MODX's Articles giving them a easy way to put up new sermons and announcements and have them featured not only on the homepage but also have a more robust feed elsewhere on the site. Another key thing they also need was a way integrate their church calendar. We worked with them to setup a calendar that is featured on their homepage, a more robust view on a standalone page and then also on tv's through out the church building itself. The best thing about that? It's all fed thru one place so they weren't making updates on in multiple areas!


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