Optimizing the Talents of Women Leaders

Here at the nest we are pleased to announce the launching of a deborahkoland.com. Deborah Koland, Ed.D., MBA, has twenty-plus years of business experience in developing and implementing innovative growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies. In 2009, Deborah left Corporate America to pursue her doctoral degree in leadership. The focal point of her research is understanding why the largest corporations cannot keep women in the leadership pipeline long enough to reach the executive suite in equal numbers to their male counterparts and what to do to strategically remedy the situation.

The Mission

Deborah came to Three Eyed Bird looking for help launching a new website to promote her writing, public speaking and consulting services. As she was starting fresh we worked with her to develop a brand that captured her energy and passion and then flowed that into the website design.

The Outcome

With her main focus for the website being to share her writing we knew blogging was going to be a big component. We built the site with that in mind with her blog populating many of the pages with blog postings based on the how she tags them within the MODX Articles itself. This allows her to easily post content and have it flow to theĀ appropriate area(s) on the site all from one spot.


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