DSI Responsive Refresh

Today we are excited to share with you a recent project for one our longtime favorite clients Dicks Sanitation Inc. - Lakeville Sanitary Inc. (DSI). DSI offers a wide variety of services, including: residential, multi-family, commercial, compactor, and roll-off services through out the Twin Cities area.

The Mission

DSI came to us concerned that visitors to their website were not getting the best experience when browsing using a mobile device. They were also looking to add a few new features to the website such as an employee portal. Having worked with us to redesign their website just a few years prior they weren't ready to invest in a full redesign again and were looking for an in-between solution to the problem.

The Outcome

Working with the team at DSI we looked at their site architecture and helped make some tweaks based on user feedback. Using Twitter Bootstrap as our framework base and the current website design we rebuilt the MODX templates and rewrote much of CSS making the website responsive. This gave them the ability to provide a good browsing experience no matter the device a user was on. As we were reworking the MODX templates we also added in a new employee portal. This gave them a private area where employees can login to access documents and info that they didn't want available to the public.


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