Security Innovation Responsive Redo

Here at the nest we are excited to tell you about our latest redesign project with a client of our Security Innovation. Security Innovation offers risk assessments, training, and products to help create more resilient software and make its use safer.

We have been working with Security Innovation (SI) for a few years helping them with support for their website built in MODX. Not having a true web developer on their staff the team here steps in to help with the more techy tasks. Some of these include basic housekeeping like installing MODX security releases to makes sure their site stays secure and running smoothly. While others are more involved developing new ideas such as a course catalog that can be filtered using javascript on the front-end but is fed by custom MIGX setup on the backend giving the staff at SI the ability to add and remove courses easily without touching the html/javascript.

The Mission

The SI website was starting to feel a bit dated and was lacking some of the new web technologies such as responsiveness for mobile browsing. With the amount of content that the SI website houses the idea of doing a full scale redesign and starting from scratch sounded daunting as well as out of budget. An in-between solution was needed and working with them we found the prefect solution.

The Outcome

Working closely with the marketing and design team at SI we came up a freshen design. Using Twitter Bootstrap as our framework base we rebuilt the MODX templates and rewrote much of css for the site to fit the new design. This gave them the responsive design they were looking for providing a good browsing experience no matter the device a user was on. By "reskinning" the site with a new design this gave us the ability to keep all the content in the MODX build but still give the site a new fresh look all while staying in budget.


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