Setting Up Google Adwords: Putting the Pieces Together

In the last posts on how to properly set up a Google Adwords campaign, we discussed overall what Google Adwords do, the importance of organizing your account, selecting the right keywords, and writing your ads. If you’ve been following along, you should now have the essential parts of your campaign mapped out.  So now it’s time to make sure every piece of the puzzle is put together!

Make Sure Your Campaign(s) are Created
Ensuring your campaign is properly set up is a key piece to your Google Adwords puzzle. When signed into your account, you can create new campaigns by clicking the “campaign summary” tab, and then clicking “new online campaign” at the top. From there you can either start with your keywords or ad placements. The nifty campaign wizard will show you step by step on how to make sure your campaign is set up, as well as help you with a campaign, ad groups and ads.

Set Up Some Adgroups & Ads
Once your initial campaign is set up, it’s time to get working on those Adgroups and Ads. To set up an Adgroup, select the “New Adgroup” link directly above the campaign details table. You can start the set up with either your keywords, or placements. You can continue using the wizard to create ads, and keyword lists relating to your adgroup. You can also click on the “Ad Variations” tab above your “Ad Group” details table (making sure to click to coordinating campaign and adgroup name). Then select “Text Ad” beside the “Create New Ad” about the table. Complete the desired fields of your ad, save, and ta-da! You have your ads and adgroups created.

Select the Right Budget for You
As mentioned before, you set your own budget when embarking on any Google Adwords campaign. With your daily budget and maximum cost per click (CPC) bids, your daily budget is set at the campaign level and is the max amount you are willing to spend each day. Just remember, when trying to determine what your budget should be, it’s always best to start small. Your budget is easily updated, and it’s better to dip your toes in to see how your ads do (with a smaller amount), then gung-hoeing it. Just make sure to check in on your account after setting any new budget to see how your campaign(s) are performing.

Keep in Mind Quality
When setting up anything on Google Adwords, make sure you’re thinking quality. Quality is at the core of everything for Adwords, from how much money you fork out, to how your ads will perform. By using something called the Quality Score to measure and rank your ads‘ quality, grading your ad among other ads on a page. When your ad relates to what is being searched, and links to relevant content/landing page, your quality score increases. The higher your quality score, the less you pay to have your ad show up on the first page of search results. So moral of the story? Make sure you have relevant keywords and ads, with a well structured account and you will end up with a better quality score, and therefore more people seeing your ad!

Keep on Top of it!
Just like everything else on the web, search advertising is dynamic. Since the needs of customers, and what they are looking for constantly changes, making sure your campaign is kept up to date is a must in order for it to be effective. Regularly refining your account structure, keyword and ads, from doing some basic research on what’s working and what isn’t, will make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. The beauty of Google Adwords, is that you are able to experiment with your ads and account structure as much as you want to see what works and what doesn’t. You can utilize your account performance stats (like conversion rates and click through rates) when deciding how effective your current strategy is working for you.

Google Adwords is an amazing tool to help reach a larger customer base, putting your company/products/services out onto the great wide web quickly, effectively, and without breaking the bank. If you have any questions about Google Adwords, feel free to contact us! Our Google Adwords qualified team member is always happy to help you get things rolling, or answer your questions.