Today Marks Five Years for Three Eyed Bird!

5 Years for Three Eyed Bird

Here at the nest we have a lot to celebrate. Today marks five years of helping others control the unruly pixels in their lives by providing exceptional web development and design services. We would like to take a moment to pause the cake eating and thank all those who have helped us get to the five year mark! We're thrilled to have worked with such loyal and wonderful clients some of which have been with us since the beginning. We've also had many wonderful team members over that time and thank each of them for their efforts.

Throughout the last five years we have had the privilege to work with clients that range from Fortune 100 companies to the small Mom & Pop shops down the road. We have helped create and build many brands, launched hundreds of websites, as well as some pretty cool web applications/systems. These systems help our clients run their business by helping do all sorts of things from gaining valuable information through in depth reporting to pushing out content to their worldwide customer base.

Not only has our business continued to evolve over the years, the industry has certainly evolved as well. Internet Explorer was version 7 when we started and we've seen 19 new major releases of Firefox, Google's first release Chrome with many iterations of it, a few major version of Safari, and many other technologies come and go. Even our main CMS of choice MODX very much an infant not even having a 1.0 release for a full year after we started. Technology sure has changed and enabled us to do some truly amazing things for our clients.

As we look to the future we are excited to see what the web grows into and how we will be harness it to help you do business better. Here's to the next 5 years of harnessing the power of the web together!