What We're Thankful For

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we started to reflect this week on what we're thankful for. While the list is a bit too long for one blog posting, we still wanted to highlight some of the key items.

Firstly, we are so very thankful that we are able to have such a wonderful and talented staff that works well together. When the company was founded, the founders really wanted it to be more like a family at the office than just another job. Luckily, that dream has come true. We believe the whole team would agree, working with each other every day is what makes this job the best in the world.

Secondly, we are thankful for our wonderful clients. If it were not for you, we wouldn't be able to be here today. Many of our clients challenge us with interesting problems and we are always able to find great creative solutions to those predicaments. We enjoy all of you from the small single person company or author, to the large Fortune 100 companies.

Thirdly, we're thankful that we have modern technology. Every year brings us many wonderful technological advances that benefit our industry so much. We've gone from having to use tables and images for anything interesting - to now being able to use solely code in CSS3 and HTML5 and do some very amazing things. Sprinkle in some Javascript and now we're really having fun!

Not only are there wonderful new web technologies, but in general, there is also great new technology coming out. Being able to stay connected when on the run has made us much more efficient and able to respond in a more timely manner. There are wonderful products that are helping our lives be safer and more friendly to the environment too! Whatever your dream is, it seems that some technology is helping us get there.

Last, but not least, one could say that we are most thankful for our relationships. Our relationships with each other, with our clients, with our partners, and with the entire universe. It's been a great year with many wonderful things going on here at the nest, and we can't say thank you enough to everyone!