How to find out what version of MODX you have

Wait, hold the phone.... MODX has different versions?

Yes it does, however, checking what version of MODX your site is running on is simple and important. Something to keep in mind - don't get "version" confused with "Evolution" versus "Revolution". Those are actually two different platforms and completely separate code bases. For example, Evolution may be at version 1.0.6 and Revolution at 2.2.1. We hope this clears up any confusion between MODX versions, and Evolution versus Revolution.

Where do I find what version of MODX I have?

The first step in finding your MODX version is to login into the MODX Content Manager typically found at Are logged in now? Good. Let's keep rolling.

Revolution Platform
You can find your current version of Revolution in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Example version of MODX Revolution
An example of locating the Version of MODX in Revolution.

Evolution Platform
In Evolution, it's in the upper-right corner of the Manager. If you are used to editing pages from a front-end manager (editing while you can see your web pages), you are likely using Evolution and will need to click on the "Manager" button along the top in order to access the manager area.

MODX Evolution version sample
An example of locating the Version of MODX in Evolution.

Why does MODX have versions in the first place?

Updates like these happen all the time across the open source community, but most updates are platform enhancements and aren't necessarily vital. Because Evolution is an older code base that is primarly being maintained rather than expanded on, updates will occur less often but are likely to be quite important, such as the most recent upgrade to 1.0.6 that cleared up some vulnerability issues. Revolution changes are occurring more often as MODX expands on it's newest code base.

Whenever large changes occur in versions, particularly when vulnerabilities are found, we like to notify our clients and let them know upgrading is a good idea. Clients under maintenance agreements with us will automatically get scheduled for testing and the upgrade. Others are welcome to contact our support team to perform the upgrade.